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Selamat Datang!

This is a society of hotel Concierges of Malaysia that functions as an  organization where members gather to exchange ideas, share experiences and render assistance, all in the aim to provide excellent service to our valued guests.


This Society is affiliated to an International body known as the Union International des Concierges d'Hotels or UICH, where we were accepted as country member in 1997 during the UICH International Congress held in Budapest, Hungary. Over the years, the our members in Malaysia have grown in numbers and now has more than 30 registered members nationwide.


Members are recognized through the golden keys that are worn proudly on their lapels that signify their passion in 'making things happen' and demand excellence of themselves to meet the needs of our guests.


This website, aims to give you an insight to our society, the activities, both local and international, and the roles we play in this ever growing hospitality industry.

In Service through Friendship,

Ragu Kumarasamy


Society of the Golden Keys Malaysia

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