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A new Kid down the block who was passionate about hospitality since his young days. Harry was interested being a Concierge since the age of 7 following his father footsteps who was a former Chief Concierge back on those days. Hearing a lot of stories daily about being a Concierge inspired him more than anything.At the age 19 after school days, he had a tough decision either to continue his studies or following his father’s footstep and to keep his legacy running in the family. Eventually,Harry moved into Kuala Lumpur started his career as a Bellman which he thought would be the right start up and pathway to be a Concierge at one of the well-knownpropertiesin the world.

At the beginning it was not a smooth start at workas he was the youngest in the team and with zero knowledge around the city but with his dedication and hard work to learn new things daily eventually led him to up. He expertise his daily job and never stopped pursuing his dreams! With the guidance of two Elite Concierges, he learned about what was Concierge all about and 10 months down the road he made his way up as the youngest Concierge in the Hotel. 


His achievement did not stop right there. Harry alsobegan to involve himself in an organization of Concierges which is known as the Les Clefs d’or Malaysia where it is a society of Elite Concierge Members in it. 

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“Being a Concierge isn’t easy, yet it is the most challenging job you could ever imagine! Turning something impossible to possible is a skill that other peoplecannot but a Concierge definitely has his magicalway. Obviously, this leads to guest satisfaction at the endof the day. What is better than the smell of victory and accomplishment?” ~ Harry 

Pursuing the dream of being an Elite Concierge with a double “Golden Key”holder in Malaysiawill always be the direction of the young kid!

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