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Going Above and Beyond with an Arsenal of Knowledge

Chief Concierge Muhammad Aliff was awarded the Les Clefs D’or in November 2020 and it was no easy feat! It requires a minimum of three years on-the-job experience as well as passing an examination and interview session with the Society of the Golden Keys in Malaysia. With Aliff’s excellent knowledge in Malaysia’s must-visit places and cultural festivities, he earned a place amongst 4000 elite concierges located across 80 countries and 530 destinations.

Having joined Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur since 2011, Aliff has fulfilled many of our valued guests’ requests.

One unusual request came in 2017. A guest living in the United Kingdom sent an e-mail to the team asking if a British army base camp - that was established before Malaysia gained independence - still exists in Terendak, Malacca. Without hesitation Aliff offered to travel interstate only to discover that although the camp site still exists, foreigners are not allowed to enter. Nevertheless, the guest has expressed his heartfelt appreciation for Aliff’s commitment to go above and beyond.

Chief Concierge Aliff - Write up-1.jpg

On a separate occasion, a VIP wanted to have a taste a rare durian variety called Durian Ganja but in dessert form. Aliff managed to locate the durian at Kuala Kubu Baru in just one day and his mother even offered to help prepare the seasonal Malaysian Dessert, also known as bubur durian for the VIP to enjoy. Needless to say, the VIP was over the moon.

“My advice for next generation of Chief Concierges would be: be passionate, committed and have a can-do attitude. Always be curious and don’t stop learning about the area or country you live in. The commitment you have towards your job will also enable you to juggle dozens of requests well. Finally, a can-do attitude gives you the opportunity to delight and earn our guests’ loyalty and trust. Embrace the challenges with open arms and a rewarding experience awaits.”

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