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Q1 : How can I register my attendance for 12th UICH Asian Congress?

A1 : Click here for Registration

Q2 : What will be the payment term after my registration?

A2 : Payment must be made within thirty (30)  days from the date of completed registration

Q3 : How can I proceed with payment?

A3 : Payment can be completed by clicking here


Q4 : Must I print the e-ticket in the email?

A4 : QR code in the e-ticket need to be presented upon arrival at the hotel. However, it is not necessary to be printed. 

Q5 : What currency is used in Malaysia?

A5 : The currency used throughout the country is the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). Credit cards are widely accepted in most hotels, shopping malls and restaurants and there are plenty of ATMs in Malaysia's main tourist areas, whereas it's advisable to use local currency in cash if buying from small vendors.


Q6 : Do I need a visa to enter Malaysia ?

A6 : For some nationalities, a visa is required prior to your arrival in Malaysia. Visit here for more information on visa requirement.




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